Pubblicato da: fabioletterario | 24/12/2005


"I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay."

                                                                                                            M., da Jump.


  1. Are you afraid because of your students are coming to your house?!?!?!?!?!?!;-)))))

  2. Maybe. But I’m mostly afraid of what I can lose, if I will stay, not going on the road.

  3. Which road??? The road of your life?!

  4. Absolutely. Mine and yours too.

  5. That’s true…we’re always afraid of the future!
    But sometimes we have to check ourselves…

  6. Sorry I did a mistake…we have to check INTO ourselves!

  7. And are you afraid? That’s what we will talk about at my home. It’s ok?

  8. Sometimes I think that we’re too small for this world…and sometimes I would like to be a stone, because I’m much afraid of my future, our future…but I’m happy that I’m here!

  9. I am too. Except when you don’t want me to play with carrom, when you don’t take me to India, when you think I cannot cut your hair or paint a bindy on your face. 😛

  10. This are the problem of life dear teacher!!! Also I’ve got many problems…but life is like this…and like this is fantastic!!!!

    It’s very funny talk with you in English…we can do it other times…what do you think?!


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